Meet us at CES and discover a new 3D printed world!

Meet us at CES and discover a new 3D printed world!

Press Release

The next manufacturing revolution is at our doorsteps and it is already impacting on industrial sectors and our daily habits: from aerospace to automotive, from medical and dental to consumer goods, from fashion to engineering. In particular, the 3D printing is creating shapes, objects, goods, prosthesis from a material, a raw material, metaphorically giving birth to something new, changing people’s life and the way of making business.

DWS booth at CES has been conceived as an exhibition itinerary where to discover the results reachable in 3D printing and where to observe the beauty of perfect shapes. Several designers have challenged DWS 3D printers with more than 30 projects difficult to realize. In this itinerary DWS shows three demanding models of architectural and electronic applications designed by Pininfarina; observing these objects, visitors can appreciate the geometry, the details and the perfection of the winning projects of the most important awards and contests.

Furthermore DWS presents other tests of the highest resolution of stereolithography as well as covers for prosthesis, e-wearable objects and VR devices conceived by other leading industry names.

The Italian designers Salvatore Saldano, Alice Barki, Fabio Caresi and some Korean artists of DigitalHands Gallery have collaborated to create samples to state the potentiality of DWS 3D printers, pushing the machines to the limit, working on the surface accuracy and on the thickness layer.

In the booth there will be the opportunity to find the solutions successfully obtained thanks to the wide range of DWS materials and the high printing quality of the printers.

5-8 January

Booth 42330


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